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Do I Look Asian?

Hello, my name is Deveraux. I had the opportunity to stop by the studio to see Phillip for an impromptu shoot. Before tonight, I have had a hard time seeing myself as an Asian female. Because I have mostly white friends, I have seen my life through American eyes.

Phillip responded to me, “You look Asian, a very beautiful one in fact. I will photograph you, and you will see.” As he worked with the lighting, the photos and images came through rather naturally. Looking at them on the computer, I was blown away. It took me minutes before exclaiming to Phillip, “I am so Asian!” And, he started laughing.

Although Phillip primarily displays black and white work, I asked him to put up some in color to show off the red lipstick I do not normally wear. And, since I am not a make-up artist, I wanted to see the red lips I so painstakingly worked on! To keep the shoot from being too organized, he asked me to smoke a cigarette. Although I did not smoke it, we used it as a prop. As Phillip wanted to t…

another actress

I had such a great time working with Nora (an actress) , I had another chance to work with actress Julia (from San Francisco, CA). She does modeling as well.

This is the start of another idea: slave to fashion.Not sure where it will go, but looking forward to enjoy the journey.
Here is the first image and it was so much fun - as I think the actress gets into the part easier than a model... but we will see.

Black and White commercial

I have noticed more of my commercial work is being requested and used in black and white.

I just love how a black and white image has to stand on its own - just its shadows and composition to make it work.

Here are some of my commercial images in that black and white format. Well, one does make use of Photoshop as there is some color in it.

can Fashion be Fine Art?

These are some of the images I create with models.

Just for my love for the early years of Vogue and other magazines, plus the photographers at that time.

I remember the elegance and style which I love. Although I was not a photographer then, I just love style, lighting and composition.

It may be old fashion and a dead art, but I still love it as I do old Bentley's ( I also like the new ones, I am not that odd or stuck in years gone by).

I never shoot this style in my commercial world of fashion at my studio. Some of the models are so young that they do not understand what I create with them.

As in this fashion style of years gone by, but they also know I do not like the some of the images I create with them.

We are so far apart, sometimes young models and my thoughts, but I can give the clients what they need.
I do not have to like it, but I still love photography and it is photography.

It just helps if you like it as well.

I have many clients that buy my years gone by…

the Female Form is beautiful even more in pregnancy black and white photography

The female form is just beautiful,
but even more so in the last month of pregnancy there is a certain ( -------). I do not know if I have a word to describe it.

Maybe its an inner glow of serenity, but there is definitely some thing.

The most amazing and rewarding images have been my black and white pregnancy ones, of which I am showing some here.

Both images where created in my studio.

I find this style of my work shows the female form of to what I see in my mind as shape and shadow. There is some nudity here, but should be well in the acceptance of my style of work .

Multiple Exposure

I started shooting film but changed to digital with the first Canon D30. Wow! How things changed!

Any way I never did the double or multiple exposure, like create two or three images on the same frame. So wanted to do this as a one frame image - not a photoshop creation. I had a model in mind that I thought would by interested in testing this idea with me and also would not think to bad of me if it did not work .

I set up the camera on a tripod set it for a 4 second exposure and manually fired the flash. Well first off, too much light... hmm... so I turned out all the studio lights and the modeling lights, so all was in darkness. Kind of cool with this shadowy model moving around, so shot it again, now I was getting some where.

So for this one I created three images on the one frame, but I think I like the two images better.

Had another model that was a ballet dancer that came in. Now I wanted to create a design in this double exposure. So I had her do the pose one way and then the ot…

more of the 7 images that changed fashion

The advantage of having a studio is I can work any time I want. It sure makes a great difference to work on your own ideas instead of the daily work of a studio. So after a busy day, I have the opportunity to work with some of the best Leg Models around. So I created this image twice, and some other ideas as well.

"Why?" you may say. Why not when you have legs like these. Just look at the models. Awesome, great models that gave up some time to work with me on these ideas, and they may just not walk in here again for a while.

This is one of the images that Rankin created for his 7 images that changed fashion, created first by Guy Bourdin some years back. Just love Guy Bourdin's photography, his composition, use of colour, and strong shadows. They really have a great graphic look to them, as all of his work. Go Google him: Guy Bourdin or Rankin 7 images that changed fashion.

amazing people

I think I will have quite a few of these.
I just seem to be very lucky in meeting and photographing such amazing talented people. Singer Christy Knowings is one of them.

Meet her at a fashion show in LA and then photographed her at my studio in Costa Mesa, CA for a CD and publicity images she wanted. She brought in her own wardrobe and also a friend who played electric violin. We played her CD and it's just beautiful music. I hope to work with her as well.
Just love people who have a passion.

Any way, this is one of Christy's shots. We were creating some of these to be black and white, so this one is all about the shades of black. I totally love the tone of this image of her, and her look just melted my heart.

Probably one of the best parts of my works is the emotion and passion that runs though it with the people I work with .
Makes so much difference as to the images created, as we are all on the same page and want the same thing.

I have many more of Christy.
Please Cl…

Fine Art meeting

Meet up with a group of fine art photographers on Saturday, July 17, at Mike Walker's (a fine art photographer in Costa Mesa, CA).

I realize just how we all think so differently about what is fine art.
I look forward to more of these discussions / debates or just chatting.

We looked at some great prints, and I started to see how we as photographers think compared to a Gallery that show and sell our work.

It was very interesting to see and hear how people see and describe their work. It's so much more for me to understand and to get a better appreciation of their art, so I can enjoyed there art as well as my own.

Will show some examples later ,and what was said by different photographers.

same sofa , different model but not the same concept, but similar

Some times you get an idea, but unlike a painter. you cannot get another canvas and keep working.

So I love this idea of the girl on the sofa and her picture on the wall. Not an original idea - I agree, but I like it.
I have to plan this again, which can take a while.

So here is another model that was from out of state: Sha-Lynne.
I created two ideas with her of this same concept.

I notice I use wine and cigarettes a lot and some times the model is not wearing much, sometimes nothing. Hmmmm... well Sha- Lynne, like Catherine, was just a pleasure to work with. She smiles and laughs,and sure makes my work very easy.

I also created some other ideas with her as you can see from the picture on the wall of her smoking.
I thought it may be best if I photographed her with her Glasses on -as she kept bumping into things and saying things like "where is the sofa?"

the day before with Catherine

I had a chance to work with a model with blond hair. For some reason I seem to shoot more dark haired models.

Any way, Catherine came in from out of state to my studio (I am in California), and her personality was just great. I knew it would a super shoot since I had so many ideas but not a lot of time. She was only here for a few hours and I had to create two sets and two looks to put it together. It was well worth it. She was so awesome and fun to shoot.

My interest was in an image I had seen awhile ago of Marilyn Monroe Red Velvet by photographer Tom Kelly. I just liked the nude on red, so maybe I like red and nudes I guess.

the image of her on red was created as a reflection to give it a different look. My idea was to have the model looking at a picture of herself that is framed and hung on the wall like a painting.

There are many more that I created with Catherine this is just one. I also worked with her on some other ideas which I will post later as I get time.

Catherine …

Surprise photo shoot with an Actress

Photographer Wayne Cutler (from LA, CA) some times uses my studio.
Well this Friday, July 9th, he came in with Belgium actress Nora , and it was planned that if I had time I may like to work with her.

Well I was going out later, so I said to Wayne: "Are you okay if I shoot candid as you work with her?" He said "Yes," so I just watched and would see a shot coming up, so would grab it, and then watch some more.

She was just beautiful to work with. Nora was very much a women in her late thirty's with her European accent and her look. I used this and her shape to create some very interesting Femme Fatale style black and white images.
It was a slow shoot, music and a glass of red wine. I almost felt I was somewhere else. In all I probably shot sum 40 images. I love the wine ones .hmm I like them all...

It was so interesting, as she was not a model, so I had to give her an idea and she would play the part.

Makeup was created by Elise from San Clemente. She is on…

my muse

Photographers, writers, poets and musicians have said that their creative work has been inspired by a person whom they refer to as their muse.

A muse is someone who has such an influence on another that he or she becomes the focus and inspiration for that person's creative work.

My muse has been such a person for 4 years and over a 100 photo shoots. She's also been very much involved in creating ideas with me that I have also used with other models. She is also the avatar that I am using. She still brings a certain feeling to every thing we do, and yet after 4 years, she is just as exiting to work with as she was on the first photo shoot.

I had not worked with her for some months, and we managed to find some time this past June. It is not all ways planned; we just sort of create something. This one was about native American. I had a blanket I wanted to use, so I created this in a reflection to give the image a different look. I used a large 8x4 slice of black Plexiglas.


the 7 images of fashion

Some time back, Rankin from the UK chose and recreated 7 images from what he coincided changed fashion. I watched this series on You Tube, and at the time I thought I would do it as well.
It is now not on you tube , what came out of this was: it was not just recreating them, it was to trying to under stand how they created them... well maybe how they saw this image in there mind.
The first one was by Erwin Blumenfeld which was a cover for Vogue back in 1950 , I really liked the one Rankin did with Heidi Klum with her tongue out, so the one I have posted, is my take on this image. It was some what straight forward as I had photoshop, but when you realize Blumenfeld shot this in black and white and bleached out the image in the dark room, as this was film, to just show the eyes and lips, and then colored this at the printing stage well what a great imagination to see and plan this.

The second one was by David Baily. I thought this would be a snap ,
but it was not.
I had a model I h…

I have no idea where to start

I'm starting this blog off somewhere in the middle - as I really don't think I have a beginning.

Not being a computer wiz, I happen to have met and worked with a beautiful model by the name of Kelly - who happen to be (would you believe it?) a computer wiz!
Having worked with her recently on a couple of ideas that have been in my mind for awhile and Kelly appeared to a model that was not concerned with Fashion, but wanted to be Creative. So she came into my studio and I created the image of her in the desert with an umbrella with no cover on it. It just seemed to be the way it should be and I added part of the background in with Photoshop. During the photoshoot, I think she thought I'd totally lost my mind - sitting her with a dead tree, a load of sand, and an umbrella. But it came out great.

The other one that I had put on here with the dog, I really don't have a reason as to why I created this with her. In my mind, working with Fashion Models, they always appear to have…