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Erotic Photography with Blonde Model using Black and White Editing

Sensual Erotic Photography in Black and White

There are many ways in which a model can move and pose that makes a photo sexy. But capturing the photo in the right way can make all the difference in making it look artistic and classy versus a shot that looks like a low-budget porn ad.

Every model wants to look absolutely stunning in all their photos that she or he can proudly show off and post online. When the lighting is bad or the angle of the photo is unflattering, it can be a problem, especially if the model feels pressure to share the work they did with the photographer.

But there are many small tricks that both the model and photographer can easily implement during a shoot to capture gorgeous photos either in lingerie or as nudes.

How to easily create sexy yet classy photos:

     1. Use soft lighting that creates highlights and shadows.
             -This technique really shows off the form of the model. The light grabs all the right protrusions of the body and the shadow exaggera…
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I met up with model Elley Cat she is just stunning take a look: Explicit

Shooting with Model "Elley Cat"

While I do generally have a specific style of photography, there is some variety in the way I shoot a model. Elley Cat is the kind of model who could respond well to posing in different styles of photography. We had a great time and a lot of laughs as we created many kinds of looks together.

The photos you have seen up to this point may be considered fine art photography / lingerie modeling. And while I do tend to prefer black and white photography, some images are meant to be in color. When I am editing and I see the photo on my computer screen, there is something that I see in the photo that makes it different and I decide to leave it in color. I don't know exactly what it is, but it somehow stands apart from the rest.

This image, however, is absolutely fine art photography. I have shot this type of pose a few different ways, with different angles and props. But each one has a special element that makes it different. Every now and then I…

Friendship 10 years later with Iona Photo Shoot

Reuniting with a Friend After 10 Years: Photo Shoot with Model Iona

Working with gorgeous models, such as Iona, reminds me of how lucky I am to be involved in the world of photography and art. I have known Iona (pictured below) for over 10 years, staying in touch via email and social media.

She has always spoken about how she admires my work, so much so that she wanted to plan a private photo shoot with me of her own. So we arranged our schedules and she flew all the way from Canada to my studio in Costa Mesa, CA to work with me.

She walked in and did not look a day older than the last time I saw her 10 years ago. We worked on many different concepts together and had a wonderful time catching up. Here are a select few photos that she gave permission for me to share with all of you. All black-and-white edits except for one.

I always find something so alluring about a model who is smoking a cigarette with a mischievous look on her face. Iona's beautiful dark hair and the way the smo…

Just another way for a model to sit on a chair

some times it a tad more interesting to have a model, if you find chairs boring

one way to display a 460 XVR Smith & Wesson

I was thinking if your not into this Smith & Wesson, then we have a model to look at

not a nude model but interesting in shape and shadow

hills and valleys ,
ups and downs ,
bodyscape ,
rise and fall of light and shadow ,

either way I enjoy creating them

Violet Pixie becames an artist within the photographers frame B&W nude

I asked Violet Pixie to use her body as the canvas in abstract painting ,
also hung two picture frames up ,
as we talk about working within the frame of the camera,
so I positioned Violet inside the frames for me to work in as in keep it within the frame