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Can you be a model at 50?

Can you be a model at 50?
Yes you can, if you are Francene. Francene, who i had met some years back, had contacted me for her photoshoot to celebrate her 50th birthday. Francene, being the individual that she is, said she did not want to shoot regular portrait style photos, but had always like my style of photography.  She mentioned doing a  steampunk look as well as a few other look ideas she had and i was absolutely up for it.

i booked  Elise, a makeup artist i had been working with recently, to come in and help with the styling and makeup. i think Elise looks on the dark side of things, has a great imagination and works with people so easy, even someone twice her age. so the date was set, Francene came in with all her gear and i created a background and lighting to go with the shoot. Elise and Francene created the looks we wanted. the first look was the idea of steampunk, the second look that she really wanted to create was that of a flamingo dancer. Francene loves all the shapes t…

new art work with fashion model

I had the opportunity to create some new art work with Fashion model, Christie. I had seen pictures of her ,
but when she came in to my studio, she brought her magic in with her - a totally stunning model amazing body and a killer smile. You just know it will be an awesome photo shoot.

Christie is just amazing to work with: tall, slim, beautiful, and understood how I wanted to work. As a professional full time Fashion  model, she was very interested in a different journey with me. Although she has model art nude before, my ideas and style where somewhat different.

But as I said, she brought her magic in and I fell totally in love with her for that day. So many amazing ideas and concepts we created in such a short time.

Here are just some .

Christie is the model in all the pictures in the picture as well.

do you have time yes,then the phone rings

well Angela phoned to see if I had time to shoot an idea she had as she was in Orange County . just love working with her,
so said yes I can find some time ,so she came in,and  we planned out her idea and started shooting ,
then had a call from a client that need to get a shot of him with a business partner for a Magazine which was very short notice for him and me  , plus dead line that night ,
so had to cut Angela's photo shoot  short ,

but we got some amazing shot's  and got my clients work  done as well , so my art and  business  work well together , just love busy days ,.here are just two of her looks ,

once again , commercial work becomes creative ,

I worked with Elise makeup artist and model ,on some black and white concepts which where just gorgeous ,

so I agreed to use some with JJansen Designs in a different why for her designs, instead  of the model wearing her designs ,they would be product placement .

what's in your car

Romina popped in to see me the other evening, just to say "Hi," as she was in the area.
While chatting, I said I had not shot some jewelry from the day before, and she offered to help. I said "well we need makeup and some clothes."

Well she said: "I have stuff in my car. "Makeup and some great fashion stuff. I all ways travel with stuff - you just never know when you may need it."

Well how right she was! hence my heading: what is in your car

Here are three of the looks she created.
Romina is just beautiful,  funny and smart. Totally enjoy working with her.