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more of the Shoe Fetish series

an ongoing series about shoe fetish

Cassandra Weekend Warrior Mode Bikes

Fashion model Cassandra 5'11" worked with me on a concept idea with Mode Bikes we created a weekend Warrior in my studio , these are some of the shots from that series ,

plus some of her other modeling work with me ,

Fashion Designer Mila Gokhman from Kiev the Capital of UKraine

I met Mila  Gokhman at an Art Gallery where we both had our work on display ,

after much to do about  nothing which you seem to do in art Galleries plus her English is not so good ,
I realized she still had a collection of her fashion designs in leather ,clothes and jewelry spanning  about 40 plus years , and was interested in creating a book of her life in fashion design ,
well before I agreed I went to her home and viewed some of her work totally amazing ,as she is now lets say over 70 , well a lady never  tells  ,and a gentleman never ask ,

 so I agreed to work with her on this  PRO BONO until things change as she is not well  , but first I wanted some pictures of her ,so she came into my studio I just put some lights on ,and let her tell me her story  plus wear some of her deigns ,

so as we where talking I just photographed her ,no posing just as she was ,I think she may have model some years back as well ,but will know more as I work with her ,

this will be on going and will post …

New Fashion Designs by Yusa Ishizuka with black model Mari Agory

This Fashion shoot had been in the works for some time and we where  very pleased  to get Mari Agory 5'11" Fashion model from LA  ,

she is so professional and just a super nice person 
I am only posting black and white images  but the colour of the dresses  all had gold and I felt that black model Mari would be perfect for this ,also was able to get Maly Siharath wardrobe / stylist to help the designer Yusa  in fitting and makeup ,
as Maly is a  great makeup artist as well ,

the shoot did not take as long as I thought even thou we had had 6 designs   ,

because our model  Mari is just great at being creative and following  direction,

as we had time left Alan a photographer and Video artist came in to create a video for his new web site and for the Designer ,he is a very cool guy knows what he is doing and it looks like he shot a great story ,


a last minuet photoshoot with an out of state model ,

just an awesome photoshoot set up at the last minuet as she is a traveling model and happened to be in Orange County  CA ,

a similar idea that I created with Brittany Binger, it worked so well for this model as well , because they can create the image ,as it is a story about them, taking there own picture  with very little direction from me ,


Brittany Binger # 2 not nude photo shoot

once more Brittany and I found some time to shoot ,a different direction than last time , more sensual  , love this look from her , some more shots later