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Tech Wiz , William Francis computer wiz ,yes he is , read on

I have posted the problems I had been having on here a while back with my computer, so have to post an up date

well the Add Virus that my trusty Computer got was its down fall in the end ,

nothing or nobody could fix it ,it just had a mind of its own ,

Tom Cullis photographer friend  happened to stop by my studio ,where I was pulling my hair out and hanging from the ceiling well it felt like that ,

but here said  have no fear Will can be here and Fix it ,

yea right I said but he said know  let me call him , and woosh Will was here, he went to my computer did a bunch of stuff and it was running dam good so paid him ,

but the dreaded Virus was lurking and hiding and bam it started to invade my computer again ,so called William at Tech Wiz and once again wooosh he was here ,

he could see I use this computer all the time and said well I can fix it and will do it to night so you can have it back tomorrow but I will have to re format the hard drive and load all your stuff  back  O M G I tho…

Craig Breedlove , Costa Mesa CA the spirt of America finished in August 1963 Bonneville Salt Flats 407 mph on goodyear tires

there is a lot of Automotive  history in Costa Mesa CA , as  I just read this in a 1963 magazine, saw Costa Mesa so read the article, thought it my be of interest, so have posted the page here , I may just have to go look around to see what is left and what is new ,so may post some about the automotive history in Costa Mesa as I find it ,

model Amanda Pizziconi Rock Chic

amazing model Amanda Pizziconi one of the most talented and nicest I have worked with , became my rock chic styling by Edie

concept, in black and white photography for JJansen designs

an idea I created for JJansen jewelry designs

the Kiss just had to be in colour

as much as I thought this would be a black and white image  it just did not work,  had to be in colour for the kiss and lips .

my Book the Sofa is at an end after a few years of shooting it is time to start a new Journey, but just wanted to show some of Annnn

the end of  my book was with Cat Hedlund  from Model Mayhem,

I have just posted her on my blog  but just wanted to show some with Annnn and Deveraux which I did the day before Cat ,

Annnn has become an amazing model she started with me as my makeup artist  plus Deveraux is just an awesome model as well  and had time to pop in and work with Annnn ,

so here are just a few from that shoot and my book is now complete so many  amazing beautiful models have worked with me to create this and have become friends ,

thank you 

Mayhem Model Cat Hedlund ( the Sofa) nude erotic the last chapter of my book it is now compleate,, thank you Cat Hedlund

I was just finishing up the Details on my book ( the Sofa ) when I met model Cat Hedlund at Mike Walker's fine art photography meeting in Costa Mesa,

just loved her look and she had time to work with me before going back to NYC , she is also an artist so hopefully I will get the sketches she did  to include with her images I thought it would be a nice way of closing the book to show her art with mine on the same page ,

I wanted to create more of a voyeur look to this and also two different styles as I shot it,
one was the foreground only in focus with her in a soft focus , the other in my black and white with  her in focus not the foreground ,

++ --


GunSlinger girl inspired by Yu Aida 2002 plus a Sister intro part 1 with Model Kelly

An odd way this came about I heard some music on YouTube and over a month or so found it

,it also took me to a link called Gunslinger Girl,  Created in 2002 by Yu Aida

I just loved the intro to this, and it made me think of Kelly the model I work with on my concepts ,
I thought this would be great for her to recreate , But as I thought this thru I felt it needed more so created her Femme Fatele Sister and used Kelly for both,

so with the magic of photoshop I could make them different ,
so here is the link that started this idea  plus the start of my GunSlinger Sister's story

  more to come, as we created a little story to go with this

a Parrot's tails,, the mark

the continuing story a Parrot's tails,,

Now what is it that handsome Henry the Parrot  can see, that we can't,

lets just look at this photographer that he so admires ,we know he can not fly or sit on your shoulder ,

maybe it's the hair, like its plumage raised up in sexual heat  or those  eyes that flirtatious grin  ,

Hmmmmm ,more tails to come