Friday, September 30, 2011

testing ideas with my Muse in black and white portrate photography

  an idea we came up with ,so this our test shot, the biggest problem was  the empty space for lianda to work with ,
did not have a manikin head so we used a mop, I needed her to get the angle of her face as she is both faces plus work out the lighting ,

then put both together in photoshop  it came out ok, my try this again

it was kinder funny watching her looking at this mop working out the angle of the face and expression   that's why I love my muse , there is just no one that can  take her place , over 101 photo shoots with her ,

Beautiful Black model Twins

makeup and hair by Andrea

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Inspired by Kat Moss Wedding veil image with model Nia from MM

had the chance to work with model Nia again, plus a new wardrobe stylist Cara ,
had some ideas and was free to shoot on Saturday  24 September called my makeup artist Elise ,every one could make it, just love how a plan comes together,

the wedding veil image was inspired by Kate Moss all ways been a fan of her work ,
  on the Friday 23 Sept created a concept for a actress / model  Pegah  who brought this Veil  in and agreed to leave it with me for a few days,

I just loved the Kate Moss image but not with flowers , I gave Cara the wardrobe stylist some ideas and she created some great styling for these,
one about colour and some about fashion  the colour gave Elise a chance to use colour and be creative with the Hair ,,

the fashion look was great but some thing was missing when Elise said I have a big floppy hat, that was what it need, just love my makeup artist,

was nice to see the creative minds of the  wardrobe, makeup /hair come together , makes a test day so worth while and it gives every on a chance to be creative and give input , so it is win win for the whole team ,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

a last minute Voyeuristic journey with blond, beautiful and some what naked model Anzhelika Yakimenko in Voyeur Erotic

it was a last minute call from model Anzhelika Yakimenkofrom out of state ,  as she was in Newport Beach just 5 miles away ,did I have time to shoot I said yes but only for my book on Voyeurism, which she was interested in,

so I built a room set in the studio with a window and widow shutters to shoot through ,

well Anzhelika showed up on time and she was just awesome her smile just captured my heart, a beautiful  blond with a killer body,
I just new this would be an awesome shoot ,
explained my ideas to her about her  taking pictures of herself  getting undressed and posing for her self in private and she totally understood mmmm very interesting she knows about voyeurism , well I guess we all  do ,
  it was a very enjoyable photo-shoot and we created some amazing images for the book  ,here are just some from that collection  of images ,

thank you Anzhelika till next time

a Voyeuristic journey with my makeup artist who is also a model, how could I say NO she was topless

Monday morning 18 September I was taking down the set I had built for Sundays shoot, when Elise came in to go through the rest of the months shoots  for makeup and hair,
  she said the set look cool , so I  moved a few more things ,turned around and there she was looking absolutely beautiful topless with a $3,000 dollar white feather coat on from wardrobe sitting on the sofa  ,
and she just looked at me ,mmmmmm, I know, I know, I am a sucker for a beautiful model sitting topless in my studio.  
 well ok turned the lights back on grabbed  my camera and we shoot for about an hour ,
so now I have more for my Voyeur book , she did help clear up etc as I needed to get done but how could I say no LOL   ,

beautiful, stunning ,and talented Josie Lee Asian model her new Cover for Salon News USA

loved working with  Asian model Josie Lee fun and professional and super fit with a rocking hot body ,so you can tell I like her lol,  here is a link  for her   Josie Lee 

makeup by Andrea

any waysssssssssssssssss she emailed to say one of the shots we did had been picked up for a cover, so here it is,she is also wearing JJansen designer Jewelry   link
just love stuff like this when it comes out of the blue .

a Voyeuristic journey with the beautiful Claire Randle a model from the UK and MM

Claire was about to head back to the UK from her holiday here in California ,we had been in touch as she is a English model and I am a English photographer here in California ,

so at the last minute we both had time to get together, my interest at the moment is a Voyeuristic journey , explained my thoughts to her and her boyfriend ,who I asked  if he would like to be part of this, which he did 

just some of the images we created for the Book, I really like the idea of seeing two people, just another way of looking at the voyeur ,

Saturday, September 17, 2011

testing ideas Model Torn dress Desert

having a studio sure makes it easy to try different ideas out,  instead of driving two hours out to the desert humping all the gear plus the heat and drive back another two hours plus maybe two hours of shooting ,

  In my studio it was 65 with the AC on , plus coffee and we only spent an hour testing no wonder I love studio work ,

Model Barbara for JJansen Jewelry design

I last worked with Barbara 5 years ago when she was 15 , now 20 with a very busy life wanted to catch up and just for fun shoot some new pictures,
it just so happened that I had some new jewelry designs from JJansen to photograph plus some of her new leather bags ,
  Barbara offered to model these for me , even tho she has not had time for modeling these past few years she instantly became a model as soon as she saw the camera pointed at her,

just so nice to work with her again ,

the invisible man jacket created for Gregory Wilson Magician

I have worked with Gregory Wilson  Magician for many years as a photographer,
but some how I think of him as an illusionist,
  it is beyond magic ,because the more you look ,the less you see, it is all an illusion and I just love his magic  I do not want to know how it is created ,

any way these are some ideas we came up with in photographic  magic or is it an illusion ,

Voyeurism is the concept of my next book

I have already posted some Voyeuristic images for the ;last chapter of my book  the SOFA ,

but is had gained some interest from  models who wanted to work with me on the SOFA book which is now complete ,

so I am going to create the next book on Voyeurism,

a preview of some I created with the model I worked with on the Mike Hammer series , having the right model I think is the key as they  have to act and not just pose ,

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Marie Callender's banana cream pie , beautiful model

this is not a pie in the face joke,

but a thank you from a very beautiful model that I worked with on Monday 5 Sept , just an amazing concept photo shoot ,
well she called  this afternoon to stop in about 4.30 pm   and brought in a Marie Callender's banana cream pie as a thank you mmmmmm well I put it in the fridge  at 5pm and just thought well a slice of pie would be nice as I am editing some of her  images , 8 pm

well I am now at three slices of banana cold yummmmmyyyyy pie, so tasty,

now can I save some ,or will it all be gone tonight , 

thank you beautiful Pegah

another one gone ,,,

just went to update,, web site gone  ,

not cool,, models premier web site

joined a while ago April 2011 for free ,went to change pics now have to pay to access my portfolio , what a scam

what they say on there forum ,, MODELS PREMIER

If you are a Photographer on this website you need to be a contributor not a free loader.  There are many ways to contribute such as inviting good looking Models to join the site, upgrading to paid membership, etc.  No one is interested in someone who does nothing but use our resources but does not or can not bring anything to the table.  Saying you are waiting for the site to be perfect before you invite someone to the site is just a "SORRY" excuse to be a freeloader and freeloaders are NOT welcome here!

Sincerely, Staff at ModelsPremier!