Get Smart would say (I missed it by that much) I missed it by 2 sec 11/ 11 2011. 11;11, Ultimat Vodka from Poland

I thought the date to day 11 November 2011 was interesting,

the Title ( I missed it by that much ) came from the TV show Get Smart with Don Adams,

  planed to shoot a model to get the date and time to be 11/11/11  11: 11.11 on the METADATA of the   image , well did not get a model ,so thought I would shoot a still life ,

at about 9.30 am put some stuff out  but just did not like any of it,   played some more,,

now its 10.35 mmm need to get this done,

 had a Ultimat Vodka bottle   set this up with some stuff  now it is nearly  11 am,  set it up the lights took a test shoot changed it a little readjusted the lights ,

checked the time on my camera O M G it was not the same as my computer or the same as my studio clock ,
wow ,I need to do this now ,I need the date and time with the metadata on the image or it makes no sense

tried to work it out in my mind, I do not wear a watch, so tried to count the time from one shot to the next but dam missed it by that much 2 sec , I got it at 11/11/11 11: 11:13 am,

but still happy and love the image I created , why did I do this, I guess because I can and was just interested in the date for an image,          next will be 12/12/12

 below one of my test shots  which I also like ,