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A Sensuous moment of thoughts and inner feelings with nude model Angie

Christine IDiivil a very special Model who can be nude

Like my Muse Lianda  Christine does not understand me, but does understand my need to just be the artist I have become .
 so my need for a model that can bring my vision to life was my reason to shoot with Christine we did so much on our first and only shoot  which is what makes her so special ,from this is a tad odd to soft focus to nude concept,
 Christine is that special model that can be opened minded not understand the concept but still bring her own talent in to create  your vision ,these are just some from our shoot    link to her web site

Fetish in high heels, plus upskirt in black and white photography .

High heels are a Fetish ,but does it become more of a fetish when it is also an upskirt  plus you can see her panties, this image will also be in my book with many others about shoes and fetish ,

A beautiful teen model but all I needed was High heels ,legs and pantys plus let the dress fall down

part of the Shoe concept I am working on ,a beautiful model but this is all I needed,

Goodbye Sofa the end of the Sarga, all Black and White photography concepts ,in nude erotic one or two models on a sofa

over the past 4 years I have photographed many models ( some together  ) on my studio sofa which will now become a book  ,
 but I need one more picture to finish  this Saga , I just happen to have a model at my studio that is in the book ,
so I just said let me throw you and the Sofa away ,so down to the dumpster we went, could not get the sofa in so put the model in many people guys mainly where watching , they asked was I throwing the model away .
 I said yes they all wanted her to take home LOL , but alas I love my model  and had to decline all there offers,

the last image plus some from the book  ,I have over 250 images ,


Black & White pictures in photography, a girl, a model, high heels, pantys pulled down ,

Whilst remodeling my studio , plus having a very cool model  available ,
 I grabbed the toilet as it came out of the rest room , told the model my idea she said ok ,

I must admit there where a few people that did stop and look and laugh,
 plus some just shook there head  and walked on by ,
I mean a girl sitting on a toilet out side my studio or in the middle of the parking lot with her panties round her ankles reading a book or on her cell phone is not some thing you expect to see ,