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Richard Avedon Dragon Tattoo Concept from the 1997 Pirelli calendar With Model Ling Tan- Recreated with Natalie Clark Body Painter in Black and White Photography

Nude body paint with Natalie Clark inspired by Micheal Jackson Man In The Mirror and photographer Erwin Blumenfeld

strange how the song Man in the Mirror inspired me to look at my book about Erwin Blumenfeld ,

This is the result it is as you see it, with my reflection in the mirror with body painter Natalie Clark at work painting on the nude mode her panties,  plus photographs of Natalie's art

Hello Boys inspired by 1994 Wonderbra add , topless but body painted by Natalie Clark

If you where a guy around in England in 1994 you should remember the Hello Boys Wonderbra add ,I always remember Eva Herzigova beautiful cleavage and such a beautiful model ,
well I had the chance to work with Stephanie asked Natalie if she would recreate the Wonderbra in body paint ,
just as an idea we took Stephanie out side my studio and shot her, people looked  but to them she was just posing with a bra on ,but she is topless ,
you do not always see the obvious lol we had fun out side and Stephanie is a flirt


would a nude model ride a Vespa Italian scooter ,in my studio she would

Models and Scooter's in my studio just a few test shot's to show the fun we have ,

the librarian prim and proper, but then sensual sexy and naked with Nikee Leigh

I created a great photographic story with model Nikee Leigh shot over a few days, about a Librarian ,so many ideas ,it is for a book and DVD  just a few now from the car scene ,you can guess where this goes will post a few more at a later date ,

How does a nude model travel a stick on pocket and a credit card

meet Jem

A nude model, one shoe, black and white photography, why only one high heel shoe , take a look makes sence to me ,

a concept idea from my book of shoes, so many from this model and many others, will be out later this year ,

I have always liked the adds Yeah Right by Buffalo Jeans so I did a inspired shoot with model Nichole Hopkins

Inspired by Buffalo Jeans with one of my favorite models Nichole Hopkins .

asian model Kelly Vy what do I say read on

model Kelly Vy was not tall less than 5' but to me she was perfect for my ideas and concepts, a selection of our work over a few years  there is much more and many pictures plus some cool stories but your have to see my book later this year

Models come and Models go, but some times you remember one that is just stuck in your memory Kathryn O'Connell

Kathryn O'Connell is one such model ,many photo shoots over the past years so many images ,just posting two of my favorites  from our journey ,

when a commercial leather bags shoot, becomes a topless model shoot ,

a commercial shoot for leather bags became a topless shoot ,both the model and I decided after the product shoot to continue shooting for ourselves with the chair and shadow we liked the concept so many ideas where created and will be in my book later this year ,

Take a Chance is it just the out side of a model we look at,black and white photography

we see the product,  do we see beyond the way the model looks ,do we take a chance .

A Kiss is just a Kiss, topless not nude beautiful model red lips

I guess, a Kiss can just be, just a Kiss ,know matter where you place it ,but there again you just need to know where to place it ,

Erotic Fetish concepts based on working with nude Asian models in black and white photography

I have become interested in Erotic Fetish concepts, I tend to find that Asian girls have interesting  thoughts about Erotic and Fetish ideas /concepts and want to be part of it ,

a preview into that world .

Being inspired by Daria Werbowy in black and white photography topless not nude

First came across Daria Werbowy in her 2009 Pirelli Calender shoot with Peter Beard I guess you could say I became a fan of her work and look ,
some years back I came across this 2008 French Photo cover of her ,always wanted to recreate it ,such a clean look and loved the lines of her shape ,
well I happened to be shooting with Amadea T she was tall slim and just had that look, we spoke about it and she offered to try to create it for me ,
well she did a great job ,thank you Amadea T and Daria Werbowy for giving me the inspiration ,
our inspired image ,