Saturday, August 12, 2017

OC Orange County Fair pictures 2017 Costa Mesa CA by Photographer Phillip Ritchie

A BIG thank you to all those that helped me at OC Fair to give me the time and space to look at the fair  from my point of view ,

My thoughts came from the Title of the  song by Pete Seeger  (where have all the flowers gone ) sung by Marlene Dietrich

my thoughts  (where have all the people gone)  so as I wondered around the fair ,there was no sound, so quiet ,empty streets such a strange feeling ,so here is a selection of some of the pictures ,

thanks again OC Fair people

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The art of a Bicycle with the art of a Model Amy Loubris

  one of those Racing Bicycle's that just has that look that it was created to be looked at ,

 well it is ok but I needed the art of a model to make this work for me , I was very lucky to book LA Model Amy Loubris,

 was perfect to me she has a body designed for this concept slim no extra weight just like this bicycle .

The color of art by a Tattoo Artist on a woman's back

An Artist canvas can hang on a wall for  ever, but the canvas of a person with the art of a Tattoo artist can only last a life time ,

so as a photographer I very much appreciate being asked to capture there art as a photograph in color