a Voyeuristic journey with my makeup artist who is also a model, how could I say NO she was topless

Monday morning 18 September I was taking down the set I had built for Sundays shoot, when Elise came in to go through the rest of the months shoots  for makeup and hair,
  she said the set look cool , so I  moved a few more things ,turned around and there she was looking absolutely beautiful topless with a $3,000 dollar white feather coat on from wardrobe sitting on the sofa  ,
and she just looked at me ,mmmmmm, I know, I know, I am a sucker for a beautiful model sitting topless in my studio.  
 well ok turned the lights back on grabbed  my camera and we shoot for about an hour ,
so now I have more for my Voyeur book , she did help clear up etc as I needed to get done but how could I say no LOL   ,


  1. Very pretty model!

  2. Yeah, this happens to me all the time (not :-))


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