Fashion Model, wedding dress and a mask ,Dysfunctional marriage

I was thinking the other day that maybe to a model , that modeling with photographers is like a Dysfunctional marriage,

you have to show feelings and emotions, so the photographer likes you, to get that look he needs, then you hide your true feelings behind a mask ,

which is what happens in a Dysfunctional marriage as this is not how you feel ,but the look others expect to see ,

so when I had the opportunity  to work with Stephanie a 5'11" fashion model all arms and legs,she is  just adorable to work with ,this is my second shoot with her ,

I spoke to her about this idea and she was up for it ,

so here is my idea on this , I have used a hand mirror to show the look I wanted and she is hiding her feelings behind it , the torn wedding dress are my thoughts on showing this ,