Monday, May 27, 2013

Morgan B in fine art nude black and white concept photography

some times you need a very special model like Morgan B to create images like this, she needs balance plus  she still has to keep her nude body in the poise I needed for this , she is a totally awesome model ,

Friday, May 17, 2013

Not Christian Louboutin high heels but lace overlay thigh high erotic heeled boots

Beautiful Erotic Thigh High Boots the mood of the model changed when she had these thigh highs on ,   it becomes a fetish, a sexual play of  thighs and breast , plus dominance over man and she would win every time

Thursday, May 9, 2013

she was a beautiful young Fashion model with long legs high heels topless 5" 10" Morgan B yet I put her in a box

Strange how I think some times  the concept is about using a big box
 I take Morgan a 5' 10" beautiful Fashion model and then put a box over her head and breast  then put a topless picture of her on the box, does it make sense no but it sure makes a great picture , was very impressed with Morgan she is becoming such an awesome model, I also  let her lay down and have a rest plus take a snack  here is a selection of some of my ideas ,

Sunday, May 5, 2013

topless model inspired by Guy Bourdin the same idea but so different in color photography

Have always like strong colours and the style of composition created by Photographer Guy Bourdin, so we have one idea yet the images are not the same  ,one was inspired by his work the other inspired by its self ,

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Black and White Nude photography a classic pose

for some reason this image created with Maddie a very much favorite model of mine for many years had been lost on an old hard drive which came to light today 5 May,
 it must have been 4/5 years ago and we both had forgotten about it but I just sent it to her, brings back great  memories of  shooting with her ,such a stunning beautiful model ,  Maddie still is modeling ,

Beautiful stunning teen model Morgan B or Morgieeb3 looks good in black and white even color

met teen Fashion  model Morgan back in 2011 so we have some of her first test shots 24 November 2011 plus some from our last 24 February 2013 there are many in between ,she is a very talented  model 5' 10" slim, long legs, I think she is awesome,   will maybe post them later ,




black and white photography the same yet so different by Phillip Ritchie

 I never think of my black and white images being that different from each other, until just recently when a gallery pointed it out, I totally could see what they where talking about it was the tonality ,
 I do see that but as a colour image as these where all shot as a colour  Beauty fashion photoshoot,
 I  know how it will look because I see the shadow and high lights which tells me in my mind how it should be in black and white,
 but some times  I have tricked my self in seeing what is not there,    so can not take it for granted ,
this is a selection of images from one photo shoot created to be in colour with different makeup etc yet they all came out great as black and white images yet so different from each other , mainly because of lighting / ,exposure and where the shadows fall, as I work hard to keep some depth in the image so it does not fall flat ,

images can be seen in colour at makeup Artist / stylist Elise Ann Immiti   web site 
models Chelsea and Makaila  from reFresh Talant Agency

what's in a name when photographing a stunning asian model in black and white

What's in a name you may say ,

her real name is beautiful and goes so well with her look  yet I can not pronounce it and she does not use it for modeling ,
but her model name just does not work for the images we created , so she has to be my beautiful  anonymous model ,

my thoughts for this shoot was not pretty girl pics ,she is very pretty with a stunning slim body ,
  she did bring a sword which made me think how do I use it , then I had an Idea which you see here ,

 I also wanted a more non pretty look without pretty clothes, I showed her the wardrobe I wanted to use  once she got the idea, she was and became an awesome model giving so much more to my ideas and creating the mood of the image ,
although it was not a long shoot I was very happy for what we achieved ,and totally loved working with her  here are just some ,