Saturday, May 4, 2013

black and white photography the same yet so different by Phillip Ritchie

 I never think of my black and white images being that different from each other, until just recently when a gallery pointed it out, I totally could see what they where talking about it was the tonality ,
 I do see that but as a colour image as these where all shot as a colour  Beauty fashion photoshoot,
 I  know how it will look because I see the shadow and high lights which tells me in my mind how it should be in black and white,
 but some times  I have tricked my self in seeing what is not there,    so can not take it for granted ,
this is a selection of images from one photo shoot created to be in colour with different makeup etc yet they all came out great as black and white images yet so different from each other , mainly because of lighting / ,exposure and where the shadows fall, as I work hard to keep some depth in the image so it does not fall flat ,

images can be seen in colour at makeup Artist / stylist Elise Ann Immiti   web site 
models Chelsea and Makaila  from reFresh Talant Agency

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