the last picture of 2014, the first picture of 2015 at my photography studio in Costa Mesa CA Happy Newyear to All

for many years now I have been having a photoshoot on newyears eve at my studio in Costa Mesa,
this year Actress Jenelle Jones of LA CA was my model ,much music and laughter plus snacks and champagne  ,
we shoot some amusing and fun head shoot as we approached  midnight , to celebrate 2015 Jenelle said she wanted to recreate a image I had done with a model on my studio sofa but that model was naked
 I said well if you do then take of your clothes she laughed, so I took this as the last image of 2014 ,

 Jenelle then drank some more Champagne through her clothes around in abandonment laid on the Sofa ,
  I took this shoot my first of 2015 , Happy New Year to All