Sunday, September 10, 2017

Photography One On One Classes ,lessons Mentoring at my Studio Costa Mesa CA

One-on-One Workshops 

The technology of photography can be over whelming.

 However photography is not always about technology, it is about seeing and creating a feeling and a mood that other people can enjoy.

 This is what I will show you by working alongside you, helping you learn to see the art of photography in your chosen field, no matter the subject.

Classes are hands on, whether fine art, portrait, fashion or whatever the student’s interest are. My classes are about making you a better photographer and helping you achieve you goal in whatever your interest area is.

All classes are customized to you and built around what you want to specifically achieve and are set at your level of learning. 

my studio 2586 Newport Blvd Costa Mesa CA 92627 

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

OC Orange County Fair pictures 2017 Costa Mesa CA by Photographer Phillip Ritchie

A BIG thank you to all those that helped me at OC Fair to give me the time and space to look at the fair  from my point of view ,

My thoughts came from the Title of the  song by Pete Seeger  (where have all the flowers gone ) sung by Marlene Dietrich

my thoughts  (where have all the people gone)  so as I wondered around the fair ,there was no sound, so quiet ,empty streets such a strange feeling ,so here is a selection of some of the pictures ,

thanks again OC Fair people

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The art of a Bicycle with the art of a Model Amy Loubris

  one of those Racing Bicycle's that just has that look that it was created to be looked at ,

 well it is ok but I needed the art of a model to make this work for me , I was very lucky to book LA Model Amy Loubris,

 was perfect to me she has a body designed for this concept slim no extra weight just like this bicycle .