Sunday, June 7, 2015

A cigar , A towel, A nude model, All in black and white

A cigar , A towel,  A nude model,  All in black and white

wide angle lens, plus long legs, high heels, perfect combination for my style of photography in black and white

wide angle lens, plus long legs, high heels ,
perfect combination for my style of photography in black and white

Makeup concepts,in colour and styling with Devon Duff makeup Artist

sometimes it is really nice to let others create the the image to shoot ,such as this concept created by makeup artist Devon Duff with model Madeline Schulte

I do have to say the Madeline had her magic switch on 100% , she could do know wrong,
 I gave her a little direction and she made it happen ,

I think shooting in colour plus the laughter between  them and there personality just make it very interesting and enjoyable and fun photo shoot ,


Erotic ,Nude , High Heels ,black & white

 Erotic ,Nude , High Heels ,black & white ,  what more can I say ,

Red lips two models yet there face's are devoid of colour

It totally works for me, not two on big black and white with spot spot colour ,but this one was perfect for this idea

Abstract maybe ,but yet still recognizable lip's in black & white ,

When asked why I shoot and create images like this , I just do not have the answer ,
I am working with a model you have an idea , and it just sort of happens ,you see it and that's it 

nude model Pure Rebel Between two mirror's

I still enjoy creating pictures the old fashion-way even thou I shoot digital this was created with the model standing between two mirrors and I shot her reflection  ,
used PS to edit into black and white ,but still show the blue jeans ,
this was also the first time I worked with Pure Rebel from Model Mayhem # 2621488 she is truly a beautiful person with a stunning body follows direction and gives you 110% 

photographers models MUA Stylist meetup at Studio and network Costa Mesa Sunday 21 June

Friday, April 17, 2015

2 Nude Erotic workshop's Saturday 25 April at Phillip Ritchie's Studio Costa Mesa CA

 Two Nude Erotic workshop's  at my studio Saturday 25 April

workshop  one   1pm -5pm = 4 hours $200.00 limited to 3 photographers

workshop  two  7pm-11pm = 4 hours $200.00 limited to  3 photographers

this is the model for both workshop  more information at my

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

28 Feb Erotic nude workshop with Sophia Jade Costa Mesa

I have booked the very talented and beautiful Sophia Jade for this Erotic work shop at my studio limited to 4 photographers
more information at  Meetup Group for Phillip Ritchie workshops

Sunday, February 8, 2015

02/21/2015 Nude Erotic Workshop at Phillip Ritchie's Studio with Model Chrissy Marie

-Important Workshop Information-

I have put Chrissy Marie from Model Mayhem on hold as the model for my new erotic workshop. In order to confirm her booking, I need the interest of my meetup group to make this happen. That being said, there will not be any last-minute sign-ups accepted. I am enforcing a cut-off date to sign up which is NO LATER THAN Monday, February 16th. Remember, this is capped off at 4 photographers per workshop, no more.

You may join this group by visiting my meet-up group

Here is the beautiful model you will be shooting with....

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Series of Workshops for Studio Photography in Orange County (Costa Mesa), California by Phillip Ritchie

Sharing my love for photography, I've created more specifically tailored workshops for all the different aspects of my work. They will each be very limited, by having only 4 photographers per workshop, and will be held in my studio. This will make it easier for me to work with you one-on-one and give you personal attention. The workshops will cover my world of black and white erotica, nude body landscapes, portraiture and head-shots, plus product advertising photography.

If you are interested in learning more about my workshops, you can join my meetup group Phillip's Meetup Group , my web site Phillip Ritchie web

Sunday, January 4, 2015

the last picture of 2014, the first picture of 2015 at my photography studio in Costa Mesa CA Happy Newyear to All

for many years now I have been having a photoshoot on newyears eve at my studio in Costa Mesa,
this year Actress Jenelle Jones of LA CA was my model ,much music and laughter plus snacks and champagne  ,
we shoot some amusing and fun head shoot as we approached  midnight , to celebrate 2015 Jenelle said she wanted to recreate a image I had done with a model on my studio sofa but that model was naked
 I said well if you do then take of your clothes she laughed, so I took this as the last image of 2014 ,

 Jenelle then drank some more Champagne through her clothes around in abandonment laid on the Sofa ,
  I took this shoot my first of 2015 , Happy New Year to All

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Love Hurts by.Raggedy ann

the draw opened she picked me up and just looked at me which seemed like for ages yet was just a few seconds ,

scooped up the letters and cards she had saved over the years ,

carried me to the waste paper bin dropped all the letters and cards in and put me on the floor ,

 I could see the tears in her eyes yet I can not cry so wish I could right now ,

then,she just turned and walked away ,

 my little heart stopped for a moment waiting but she did not look back ,

Thursday, November 27, 2014

this Thanksgiving day I created a picture of my thoughts

my thoughts on this day of Thanksgiving and after the news over the last week, that maybe a little light and new growth may come out of all this destruction ,so created a picture of my thoughts ,

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TFP this is my story as a Fashion Print model

( this is fiction ) just a story in pictures about TFP = trade for print

  this is what I think ,It really means TFP = Trade For Poverty

I am a model ,

I shoot TFP Fashion and Print is what I do ,                                                                                                 

This is my life ,I am a model this is what I do TFP for you 

this is how I travel ,I am a model always looking good

this is how I shop to buy the clothes I wear for you TFP.

I am a model this is how I make my money to shoot TFP for you

I am a model this is how I live so I can shoot TFP, but I all ways look good, ready to shoot

mmmm I guess TFP really does mean   TRADE FOR POVERTY

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Inspired by Man Ray woodman 1947

Have always liked Man Rays concept photography, plus have been inspired by many of his ideas like the woodman from 1947,
 it is a very odd idea until you do it your self and then you understand it is about telling a story, when you get into it, the wooden figures start to have a little story of there own this is just a few of the images from my story about them ,

Thursday, September 25, 2014

the life of a Raggedy Ann doll

the life of a Raggedy Ann doll ,

some times you are not thrown away ,you just hang around waiting for the next generation to be picked-up and loved again ,

       my little heart beats faster as I hold my breath waiting for the door to open, but  I think she has forgotten me ,

 some times I get abandon , and left alone to be found by someone else ,will I be loved again by tiny hands and a beating heart ,

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The essence and sensuality of a woman

talking to Elise Ann Immiti my makeup artist  about a woman with a sensual look ,very interesting my point of view and hers ,40 plus years years between us ,yet we know it when we see it ,, but some times to me the true essence and sensuality of a woman is devoid of makeup clothes and jewelry or her hair styled ,just her inner self coming through is maybe the true essence and sensuality of a woman, Nancy is the fifth model to shoot like this with me I truly love them for there openest to allow me to photograph them like this ,

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Roman Kriheli Artist Original Acrylic on Canvas, Sureal art, Wall Hanging Painting

Roman Kriheli

It may all be hype, Yet I am a firm believer that he is a great artist. I bought one of his paintings many years ago, which I have had on display in my home until recently when I replaced it with my own photography.

 I purchased the painting when I first moved to California. I liked the how unrestricted the artist was in his freedom of thought for the painting, and it is what I still admire about the painting today. At that time his studio was in SoHo, New York in the 1980’s, which were inexpensive artist loft. This gave him the freedom of thought and conceptual design in his style as he was not motivated by money, Just the pleasure and inspiration of being an artist.  So hype or not, this is a great example of his early work before his 20 year break. 

 Acrylic on Canvas, Original Painting. It is 52” X 52” signed in 1985. So I am making this original Roman Kriheli available to private collectors or galleries, All offers will be considered, I will also be placing it on ebay later this month.

  Ebay link

Sunday, September 7, 2014

a stunning Asian model Mandy Yeung , a peice of rope, with MUA/Stylist Andrea Dow

we had the model and a length of rope so Andrea and I decided to put the two together we created the design , 
Andrea  mua  from Costa Mesa created the beautiful makeup to complement the concept, our model Mandy kept looking at us as we wound the rope around her neck who knows what she was thinking lol
  Mandy just made this work we love you Mandy

Artist, Photographer, Phillip Ritchie my muse Lianda

In my career of photography these last 8 years there have been many models some have become friends but there is only one Muse, to me she is my Muse , I meet her 8 years ago, so much to say yet I think when you see her as I have you may under stand why I have nothing to say, it is all in pictures my muse Lianda
yet she is intuitive, private, visceral, and complex.but never not my muse ,I am working on her book memories of a Muse two of so many ,

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nude, Erotic ,model, black and white photography Polaroids cyber gallery

An idea I had about a cyber gallery,
  black and white photography in erotic art ,but some how it got away from me and the image  became a Sculpture on display in a Gallery with Polaroids of my work of the same model Eleanor Rose on display ,

Eleanor is a figure model with a bush which was just perfect for this concept she is very professional and just super laid back and easy to work with ,