Monday, April 14, 2014

Miss-Chievous black and white a silver chair, nude and beautiful , well ok a little bit of clothing as well not much LOL stockings high heels garter belt

For some reason I like chairs plus a naked model and some times with a dress on ,dam the life of a photographer is confusing  ,
Miss-Chievous and I decided to use my silver chairs in part of our photo shoot ,she is absolutely so easy to shoot follows direction knows her body and how to show it ,
my job was just chat watch and get the shoot,  piece of cake you say, it was , so take a look oh and a couple without  the chair ,just in case you don't like chairs

Soft, Sensual,totally all woman naked or not over 40 was beautiful to look at and work with meet ShelleyLynne

Shelleylynne and I had emailed on Model Model for maybe two years and then she was going to be in LA California ,my studio is only 50 miles away so she planned to take time out and work with me for an afternoon  ,
I wanted to create a voyeur feel to the shoot so I built a bedroom  placed a widow plus some shutters to shoot though ,
It really was great to meet her after all this time ,as it was a rocky start 2 years ago  because she had left a not a nice comment on one of my MM pictures, I was not mad just disappointed as it was directed about the model not my photography  ,
so I did email her about it ,she dealt with it and apologized, and for some reason we stayed in touch so happy we did because she did prove her point she is and was a better model , see for your self a selection of our work


To be or not to be that was the question, Black and white or Monotone with nude model Amadea T

when I had Amadea T put on this dress it looked the same tonal value as her skin colour ,was planned as a black and White image ,
 now planned to use them in monotone so serendipity came in to play, a nice change for me , it was also about shape and form ,Amadea T was perfect at 5'10" slim with a beautiful butt

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fashion Wardrobe Concept: Costa Mesa Parking Lot Simulated Studio with Mach 1 Motorcycles. Two Models: One Cool Guy and One Red Headed Provocative Girl. Alas, She is Not Nude Posing on a Motorcycle

     I decided to do this concept outside to prove that anyone can create studio images without an actual studio. Using a back drop and lighting, and throw in a couple models I did just that. I wanted to work with Teena Nine, who is a wardrobe clothing stylist and model with vibrant red hair and a super fun attitude. I also had a chance to work with Shaina Lopez, a makeup hair stylist who wanted to go beyond just pretty-girl looks, which suited me fine. To put this all together, I needed a really cool guy. I contacted Darell, who I knew but had not worked with. I felt he had the perfect look for this editorial concept.

                                           Motorcycle courtesy of Joe Troung (2006 Suzuki GSXR-600)

      In my mind, the whole idea behind the shoot is that the girl is someone who will do anything to get anything she wants. The male on the other hand, is a man who has everything he could ever want, the clothes, the money, the motorcycle, and any woman he wants.

  So her task was to seduce him at all costs to get what she wanted, but he ignores her and doesn't show any interest in her. He continues to resist her feminine charms, even while she licks his face and takes off her clothes, his iron-will never succumbed to her temptation.

  Creating the studio set outside in the parking lot of my studio was not a problem. Models and makeup were taken care of. Now all I needed was a motorcycle. In my mind, I knew I wanted a super bike. A super bike in the way that it's not necessarily great because its new, but that it's a prestigious vehicle and reputable. So calling around, my inquiry and information fell on deaf ears and made no headway. Until, I was told by someone about Mach 1 Motorcycles. I went over right away without an invitation and explained my predicament to Joe Truong who, with his uncle, own and run the company. He didn't have a bike for sale that we could use, so he offered his own personal super bike.

                                                                      Joe Truong's Super Bike

      It's not everyday you meet someone for the first time that responds in such a positive way. He showed me his motorcycle and it was exactly what i had in mind. It was perfect. He offered to bring it to my studio and leave it for the photo shoot. I want to thank him personally on my blog for being such a cool guy and being apart of putting this idea together. He also showed me around his business while I was there (which was very impressive) plus his knowledge and description of what he knew about motorcycles and how he runs the company.

      I am including a link to his website, and some information. If you're into motorcycles, take a look at his site and maybe stop by to see his establishment.

 "Long Mach being in the motorcycle repair business for 46 years, opened a shop of his own in April of 1996 called MACH 1 MOTORCYCLES, a motorcycle performance shop.  Long's expertise as a service technician soon had customers talking, and the word spread quickly. Today, MACH 1 is a full service repair shop for Japanese, American, English, and Italian motorcycles .  We offer our customers a variety of services such as Dyno testing, vintage restoration, tire replacement, and tune and service on almost all makes and models."     -Joe Truong

Mach 1 Motorcycles Website

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

a photographers Muse is very special, they work within and outside your creative thoughts yet you both strive for that one imge that shows the mood of both your thoughts

      I started working with Lianda  in 2006 who later became my muse ,

In January 2007 Lianda had this idea about being both models in the same image,
 I was up for this yet my skill in photo shop was very limited plus as I only had then PS 7 not CS7 so was not sure I could do this , 
I did plan the lighting and composition with her so it would look like it was meant to be this way with two people ,

looking back I think I did a dam fine job of putting this image together , have to give credit to my muse for to creating  the mood within the composition , 
she is still my muse going on 8 years now and over a 100 photoshoots

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Inspired ByThe 1983 Maxwell Print Ad Originally Photographed by Steven Steigman- But I Used a Naked Model In The Same Le Corbusier Chair

     I like the fact that something can inspire me that can be sometimes overlooked by other people. I happened to have this chair, called Le Corbusier,  and I thought it reminded me of something. Then I remembered seeing it in an ad many years ago and I thought it was a great concept. So I grabbed a model, threw her in a chair, set up a speaker and put up a light. Here is my fun shot of the idea about speakers (it was actually about Maxwell cassette audio tape). The model said "Do you want me to do this in the nude?" and I said yes that would be really cool.


Hunger Games Cyborg Warrior Woman- Body Paint Concept by Natalie Clark

      I remember reading part of the Hunger Games series, and sort of understood the story line. I was intrigued and thought perhaps Natalie, the body painter, could create something out of the idea. Natalie went on to explain to me her thoughts, which I have posted on here. She has a better understanding on what we're doing than I do.

Natalie's thoughts re-posted from her blog: Natalie Clark's Blog

    "What brought the two ideas together well was finding the right model to play the part. She had to be more than a pretty face, she needed to have an independent spirit that would show within the images we created. Meghan became our perfect choice. An independent, free spirited girl with tattoos and piercings who was also completely comfortable being nude.

     When it came down to designing my cyborg, I really wanted to keep her feminine-looking yet strong, and a force to be reckoned with. I wanted her tattoos to show and not have the cyborg inspired paint over-power her. I wanted her as a person to really show through as well as the character she was portraying. Here are the two characters Meghan flawlessly delivered, bringing to life our vision perfectly."

I have posted two of our ideas..

Inspired by Calvin Klein: Marky Mark and Kate Moss- Black and White Studio Photography

      I have been inspired by many photographers who are no longer with us, but I'm also inspired by no-frills black and white advertising. It is then only the models that create the image that you remember. Because of this, I asked Alex and Mackenzie if they would work with me on this idea. They were both too young to remember the ads, but they loved it.

Body Paint with Nudity- Demon: 1. an evil spirit; devil or fiend 2. an evil passion or influence

     I offered Natalie Clark, body painter, who I've worked with for some time to do whatever she wanted. I had a day open in my schedule that I wanted to give to her. I had no idea that this blonde-haired, attractive, model-looking mid20's girl could have such a dark side to her. When she explained her idea (which she has a good description of on her blog Natalie Clark Blog) I had no way at that moment as to how I would photograph this. So I waited until Rachel, the model, was brought onto the set and listened to her and Natalie talking. I arranged my lighting around the model keeping in mind part of the shadows were already painted in the body art. I didn't wish to add more shadows to this, so I worked with the model on shape and composition. The photo shoot was a total success, with many great images which will be part of a book later this year.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Deviating from Black and White Photography, But Still Iinspired by Cindy Crawfrod and Herb Ritts

      When I saw this image many years ago, I was intrigued by the hairstyling by Cindy and the concept created by Herb Ritts. In my mind, I focus more on the hair than the nudity of the model.

Tom Brady's NFL Patriots #12 Jersey Destroyed by Model Rachel ?

      The jersey in question was body painted by Natalie Clark on model Rachel Bari for a football concept that I'm working on. This one was inspired by the Sports Illustrated 2005 football jersey body paint. Not being a NFL follower, I had to ask Natalie and Rachel which number jersey would be best to paint. Looking at me in shock and horror, they both said together,"There can only be one, Tom Brady #12! And you know, he is married to your favorite Sport's Illustrated supermodel Gisele Bundchen!" (Wow, that would be really cool to have her here with Rachel... but I'll just keep on dreaming) The outcome was beyond what I had anticipated and was just a fabulous piece of artwork. Thank you Natalie.  Natalie Clark's blog

      My reason for posting this particular picture is when the photo shoot is finished, the model normally goes off to get cleaned up and washed off. But I felt that the model was young and vibrant with energy and she needed to carry on. So I suggested that Natalie wash all the paint off her on set and let Rachel play. She loved this idea and it became, in itself, it's own photo shoot with her destroying Tom Brady's jersey.

Black and white Erotic photography what is more dangerous a naked girl with a gun or alcohol you do have a choice

some of my photography  is about story telling . as this one is part of a series for my book ,
what is more dangerous a naked girl or alcohol you do have a choice

Playboy model Brittany Binger but once again not nude at my studio ,black and white photography

have worked with Brittany Binger many times there is just some thing about her, maybe it is the essence of a woman ,
her beauty and sensuality just shine right through what every we do , even just a black and white beauty shot or a grunge look , Brittany has that X factor with out being naked ,just a beautiful woman

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Inspired by Supermodel Cindy Crawford in 1988 Playboy, Photographed in Black and White by Herb Ritts

Even before I became a photographer, I've always liked Cindy Crawford.  Even through all of her beauty, I always felt she was a real person and didn't live the life that was hyped upon her. This is one picture of Cindy that I've always admired. I had in mind a model I know who had a very similar body shape and look to Cindy, so I asked her if she could recreate this image with me. With a slight hesitation, I put myself in Herb Ritts' shoes for a few moments and looked upon my model as if she may have been Cindy. Those moments went by so fast, but I think my model and I created an image which (although inspired by them) I will be proud of.

Inspired by the Iconic Black and White Image of Cindy Crawford, Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier.

Being inspired and being creative are two very different things. This is my take from being inspired by  photographer Patrick Demarchelier with model Cindy Crawford. Which led to my creativity in using a model with similarities to Cindy Crawford to achieve my own rendition of the iconic beautiful photo (maybe with a little apprehension)...

An Inspired Topless Concept By Buffalo Jeans of 1990's with Model Nichole Hopkins

      Over the years, I have been recreating some of the images that I think have stood the test of time. Some of my favorites were images of those that have now left us, as it helps remember those that created the world in which I work. Sometimes it is not the photographer, but the model or the ad in which she appeared in, that gives it this immortality.
      This one is from Buffalo jeans in the mid 90's. I always like their black and white ads and the totally stunning models they work with. This is my image with Nichole Hopkins, model/actress.

2013 USA and UK time 2014 Working With Model Nichole Hopkins New Years Eve Day

I was working with model Nichole Hopkins on a concept new years eve day, and i wanted to do something to celebrate going from 2013 into 2014. Unfortunately, Nichole could not be here at midnight in California. So, because I came from England, I decided to use the UK time. With the use of the internet, and a friend on Skype, I decided to shoot her UK time instead of USA time. What I wanted was a timeline, with her stepping through that line, half with and half without clothing. Nichole is extremely professional it only took a few shots for me match up her body shapes to create a single image which tells the story.

Nude Or Not To Be Nude? That Is The Question, With Model Bailey Daniels

       Over the past year, Bailey and I have been trying to find the time to work together. We managed to achieve this on the 20th of January. Bailey is primarily a fitness and a nude model. So my question, nude or not to be, was answered by my interest in her lingerie and a shirt that was hanging in the dressing room. Bailey was totally awesome to work with as you can see from the images that I have posted. 

     Also, two of these are from the new chair series...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bill Lemon one of the best location Glamor photographers, check out his ebook

Although I do not shoot glamour, I have always enjoyed and been a fan of Bill Lemon's location glamour photography for many years. I had just noticed he has an e-book out and if you're interested in this type of art it may be worthwhile taking a look at. He is one of the best...

Link to his e-book

Bill Lemon's Model Mayhem


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Playboy model Laurena Lacey erotic sensual topless but just not totally nude

Playboy does such beautiful nude photography of there models ,I do not see the need for me to do it  so I always shoot playboy models like Laurena Lacey mostly black and white in a more maybe erotic and sensual way ,
as this is more the way I see my photography ,I think less is more some times  kinder naked but not quite ,

not nude Playboy model Kayla Collins black and white photography high heels

part of my Shoe series with Playboy model Kayla Collins ,

Kayla has many nude images out there, but I do not always need a nude image , just a beautiful model with a great body which she  is,   just one from our photoshoot

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Remembring Edward Weston black and white photography nudes

Some of you know I have been creating images of photographers that are not with us  being inspired and remembering the photographers that created the world I now work in

 Edward Weston created many nudes from the 1920 to 1930 plus, this is an Icon image of his work still looked at today and has inspired many nude images from other photographers 

 I am inspired by it ,not copying it ,
 this is my vision of his image ,

 I asked Angie Morris to be my model for this ,

 maybe Google Edward Weston so we can maybe learn and remember from those before us ,