A smile from Farrah Fawcett by Bruce McBroom sold over 12 million posters

 I have been recreating some of the iconic images of yesterday so we can remember the talented photographers , models and designers that helped shape  the way we work to day

It came as a surprise when I was working with Collien on an update for her agency  they had asked for a smile head shot,
  she said I do not have a smile so we worked on this to get the look that worked for her and her agency, it was while we where shooting I said you need a smile like Farrah Fawcett she said who is she  mmm ,
 I said go to my computer and type in the best selling poster ,well Farrah Fawcett came up over 12 Million poster's sold,
 I said it is one of those iconic Images Farrah was beautiful and  Bruce McBroom saw that moment and captured it , ,link to that photo shoot Farrah and Bruce
 so once again this made me think of all the models and photographers that created our history are still being forgotten ,
I asked Collien if she work with me on this and I felt that Farrah had a lot of strength as well in her later years before she died  ,
there was know way to recreate her smile or even try ,
so I felt a  model of strength and felt Collien as an athlete would work better for me , two images are the new head shots for Collien and the other is to bring  your  attention to the photographer Bruce McBroom and the model  Farrah Fawcett that created the look that sold 12 Million poster's

my image with Collien and her head shots, I also had the same blanket that Bruce used so felt it helped connect these images

  A link to Farrah Fawcett

  A link to Bruce McBroom