Thursday, August 23, 2012

makeup and styling concept using a colored Gel plus a reflection captured in camera not photoshop using an in camera idea to create it

 a model I have known and worked with over a few years asked about using her cap and gown for a photo shoot , as she had just received her Master's degree ,
I did not want to do the usual cap and gown shot but when she said you can create any thing you like, then that opened the door ,
so I phoned Elise my mua and explained my Idea she was totally up to create the look in makeup and styling  that I wanted to do ,
 I needed to create a reflection plus use a colored gel as well ,
these are some of the styling concept ideas we created and I have shown  a test shot to show the setup to create them , just so much more interesting for all of us to create this in camera the old fashioned way ,

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