Sunday, October 7, 2012

Brigitte Bardot an icon of sexuality and beauty still rememberd by young models 2012

imagine my surprise  when 19 year old Chelsea started talking about Brigitte Bardot while we where shooting for a  Hair competition ,
I totally remember Brigitte, I think most men my age do ,as most of us where in love with her back in the  Sixty's so many pictures and movies    a link to /Brigitte_Bardot

As I have been recreating some of the iconic images from the past of Photographers, models,stylist and designers etc  that have been part of my journey as a fashion and fine art photographer ,

I said when we finish the hair shoot would you like to work with me on recreating a Brigitte Bardot image,
 she was so up for this ,as was my makeup/stylist Elise Ann a link to her web the image I have chosen has also inspired many others  to recreate this,
it is just one of the many that I remember maybe I will create some more at a later date ,

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