Body Paint with Nudity- Demon: 1. an evil spirit; devil or fiend 2. an evil passion or influence

     I offered Natalie Clark, body painter, who I've worked with for some time to do whatever she wanted. I had a day open in my schedule that I wanted to give to her. I had no idea that this blonde-haired, attractive, model-looking mid20's girl could have such a dark side to her. When she explained her idea (which she has a good description of on her blog Natalie Clark Blog) I had no way at that moment as to how I would photograph this. So I waited until Rachel, the model, was brought onto the set and listened to her and Natalie talking. I arranged my lighting around the model keeping in mind part of the shadows were already painted in the body art. I didn't wish to add more shadows to this, so I worked with the model on shape and composition. The photo shoot was a total success, with many great images which will be part of a book later this year.