Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hunger Games Cyborg Warrior Woman- Body Paint Concept by Natalie Clark

      I remember reading part of the Hunger Games series, and sort of understood the story line. I was intrigued and thought perhaps Natalie, the body painter, could create something out of the idea. Natalie went on to explain to me her thoughts, which I have posted on here. She has a better understanding on what we're doing than I do.

Natalie's thoughts re-posted from her blog: Natalie Clark's Blog

    "What brought the two ideas together well was finding the right model to play the part. She had to be more than a pretty face, she needed to have an independent spirit that would show within the images we created. Meghan became our perfect choice. An independent, free spirited girl with tattoos and piercings who was also completely comfortable being nude.

     When it came down to designing my cyborg, I really wanted to keep her feminine-looking yet strong, and a force to be reckoned with. I wanted her tattoos to show and not have the cyborg inspired paint over-power her. I wanted her as a person to really show through as well as the character she was portraying. Here are the two characters Meghan flawlessly delivered, bringing to life our vision perfectly."

I have posted two of our ideas..

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