Saturday, January 25, 2014

Inspired by Supermodel Cindy Crawford in 1988 Playboy, Photographed in Black and White by Herb Ritts

Even before I became a photographer, I've always liked Cindy Crawford.  Even through all of her beauty, I always felt she was a real person and didn't live the life that was hyped upon her. This is one picture of Cindy that I've always admired. I had in mind a model I know who had a very similar body shape and look to Cindy, so I asked her if she could recreate this image with me. With a slight hesitation, I put myself in Herb Ritts' shoes for a few moments and looked upon my model as if she may have been Cindy. Those moments went by so fast, but I think my model and I created an image which (although inspired by them) I will be proud of.

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