Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Calvin Klein Boxers/ Underwear Body Painted by the very Talented Natalie Clark on a Nude Model in Black and White Photography and Color

     How to see Calvin Klein boxer shorts disappear when they are worn by a girl. I've been shooting underwear and erotica for many years in photography. I had a thought some time back that it might be kind of cool to create underwear and erotic clothing in body paint. I always jump at the opportunity to work with Natalie Clark body painter. So once again, I teamed up with her and collaborated to do another of our erotic underwear shoots. This concept is all about having a beautiful model wearing men's Calvin Klein boxers photographed Polaroid style. My model, who wishes to be anonymous,was the perfect shape for it. So, if a female model is wearing Calvin Klein boxers, would you still call them boxers? or do they become underwear? And when we wash it all away, does it become wash-wear or invisible-wear? I guess that is just the magic of body paint.

To see the conclusion of the underwear being invisible and totally washed away, you'll have to stay up to date to see when my book comes out later this year.

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