Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fashion Wardrobe Concept: Costa Mesa Parking Lot Simulated Studio with Mach 1 Motorcycles. Two Models: One Cool Guy and One Red Headed Provocative Girl. Alas, She is Not Nude Posing on a Motorcycle

     I decided to do this concept outside to prove that anyone can create studio images without an actual studio. Using a back drop and lighting, and throw in a couple models I did just that. I wanted to work with Teena Nine, who is a wardrobe clothing stylist and model with vibrant red hair and a super fun attitude. I also had a chance to work with Shaina Lopez, a makeup hair stylist who wanted to go beyond just pretty-girl looks, which suited me fine. To put this all together, I needed a really cool guy. I contacted Darell, who I knew but had not worked with. I felt he had the perfect look for this editorial concept.

                                           Motorcycle courtesy of Joe Troung (2006 Suzuki GSXR-600)

      In my mind, the whole idea behind the shoot is that the girl is someone who will do anything to get anything she wants. The male on the other hand, is a man who has everything he could ever want, the clothes, the money, the motorcycle, and any woman he wants.

  So her task was to seduce him at all costs to get what she wanted, but he ignores her and doesn't show any interest in her. He continues to resist her feminine charms, even while she licks his face and takes off her clothes, his iron-will never succumbed to her temptation.

  Creating the studio set outside in the parking lot of my studio was not a problem. Models and makeup were taken care of. Now all I needed was a motorcycle. In my mind, I knew I wanted a super bike. A super bike in the way that it's not necessarily great because its new, but that it's a prestigious vehicle and reputable. So calling around, my inquiry and information fell on deaf ears and made no headway. Until, I was told by someone about Mach 1 Motorcycles. I went over right away without an invitation and explained my predicament to Joe Truong who, with his uncle, own and run the company. He didn't have a bike for sale that we could use, so he offered his own personal super bike.

                                                                      Joe Truong's Super Bike

      It's not everyday you meet someone for the first time that responds in such a positive way. He showed me his motorcycle and it was exactly what i had in mind. It was perfect. He offered to bring it to my studio and leave it for the photo shoot. I want to thank him personally on my blog for being such a cool guy and being apart of putting this idea together. He also showed me around his business while I was there (which was very impressive) plus his knowledge and description of what he knew about motorcycles and how he runs the company.

      I am including a link to his website, and some information. If you're into motorcycles, take a look at his site and maybe stop by to see his establishment.

 "Long Mach being in the motorcycle repair business for 46 years, opened a shop of his own in April of 1996 called MACH 1 MOTORCYCLES, a motorcycle performance shop.  Long's expertise as a service technician soon had customers talking, and the word spread quickly. Today, MACH 1 is a full service repair shop for Japanese, American, English, and Italian motorcycles .  We offer our customers a variety of services such as Dyno testing, vintage restoration, tire replacement, and tune and service on almost all makes and models."     -Joe Truong

Mach 1 Motorcycles Website

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